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About Me
Tour Guide in Israel

I was born and raised in Kibbutz Hazorea in the Jezreel Valley where I later graduated from Shomria high school at Mishmar HaEmek.

I worked in Hazorea’s Plastopil plastics factory as a shift manager for several years.

I served in the Signal Corps of the Israeli Air Force mostly in the Sinai, near the Suez Canal during the War of Attrition – 1967 to 1970.

I married Sara Brian who, after college, came from America to Israel as a volunteer. Together in 1973 we travelled extensively in Europe and later spent two and a half years in the States, where I worked in Market Research for Supermarkets General Corp. in New Jersey.

We came back to Israel in 1976  I completed the tour guide course of Ministry of Tourism and have been showing my country to visitors since 1978.

My areas of interest and expertise include history, Middle East politics, Christian-Jewish dialogue, music and humor.



What's new in Israel

Jewish Life in Babylon in biblical times.

An exhibition at the Jerusalem Bible Lands Museum presents 100 ancient clay tablets - each no bigger than a palm. They were discovered in Iraq today and give insight into the everyday life of the Hebrews  who were deported to Babylon about 2,500 years ago.



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