A few words from satisfied clients ...

From: Wasserman, Michael - NEW YORK NY
Sent: יום א 13 מאי 2018 17:53 May 2018
To: Eytan Tel-Tsur
Subject: Israel tour


Thank you for the wonderful tour and welcoming us into your country. You really made us feel as if Israel is our second home. All 4 of us are already talking about our return trip and bringing our children. I hope we can accomplish this soon. If so, we will definitely contact you. Also, I will make sure to keep your contact information for friends of mine that are planning a trip.

Take care and l’chaim!!


Michael Wasserman
First Vice President - Wealth Management
Wealth Management Advisor
Senior Portfolio Advisor
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Inc.

From: Mary Watkins
Sent: יום ג 27 פברואר 2018 18:38
To: Eytan Tel-Tsur
Cc: Reuben Johnson III
Subject: Follow up on our trip

Thank you very much for an exceptional tour of Israel. You have given us a first hand and very personal view of your great country for which we are very appreciative. There is SO VERY much to learn- and you have given us such a great start. I was so pleased to have an overview of Tel Aviv, to see Caesarea, to climb the dizzying heights of the Nimrod Fortress, to drive through the Golan Heights, to see the important historic religious sites around the Sea of Galilee, to swim in the very salty Dead Sea, and in historic Jerusalem to see the Western Wall, to explore the Western Wall tunnels, to walk on the grounds of the Temple Mount and to see the golden dome, to walk the Via Dolorosa, to eat falafel, and to sample so many kinds of hummus! It has been a very full few days. 

You were patient to answer my many questions about your country. As I read and hear news about Israel, I will certainly use your strong educational foundation to build upon.

We appreciate your very professional efforts on our behalf. 

Many thanks, 


Mary Watkins

From: Nyra & Albert Bensimon
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2015 8:16 AM
To: 'Eytan Tel-Tsur'

Dear Eytan

We arrived back in Australia yesterday and are missing Israel already.

We want to thank you for the tour your arranged for us.  Your choice of places to visit was outstanding, many of the places being off the usual tourist track normally experienced.  We are so grateful to have had a guide with such a deep and scholarly  knowledge of the country and all if offers,  with impeccable linguistic skills and sensitive to the individual needs of the client, tailoring our visit on the run, as you learned about our interests. 

We feel sure we will be telling friends and family who are regular visitors to Israel about  places they have never experienced.  Perhaps you should expand your business to show Israelis their own country!  

As we mentioned to you, we have non-Jewish friends who are interested in coming to Israel and would have no reservations recommending you to them, as we know they will be guided by someone who knows the Christian and Muslim Israel as well as the Jewish Israel.

With grateful thanks,

Albert and Nyra Bensimon

From: maritza jaimovich
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 1:32 PM
To: eteltsur; maritza jaimovich
Subject: Hola!!!

Hola Eytan!!!!

    Yo llegué a Buenos Aires del resto del viaje este último fin de semana !!!

No quería dejar pasar el tiempo sin decirte lo contenta que estaba (y que estaban TODOS) de esos días que estuviste con nosotros....nos guiaste y ayudaste a conocer un poco más de nuestro querido Israel. 

Yo felíz por que fuí la que eligió tenerte con nosotros:gracias por toda tu flexibilidad...tu comprensión y por darte cuenta exactamente lo que necesitábamos y buscábamos!!!fue un gran placer compartir esos días!!!!!

Un cariño de todos nosotros. Un abrazo de Maritza

Por supuesto que tendré en cuenta tu guí bien alguien me pregunte o yo sugiera !!!!GRACIAS!!!!!!SHALOM!!!!! 

Sent: Friday, May 09, 2014 10:36 AM
Subject: Un ringraziamento dall'Italia

Caro Eytan,

Mia moglie ed io vogliamo ancora una volta ringraziarti per la professionalità, la disponibilità e la cortesia con cui ci hai guidato nei due splendidi giorni passati insieme. Al di sopra dei riferimenti storici e paesaggistici che ci hai dato con grande preparazione, abbiamo particolarmente apprezzato anche il sentimento con cui ci hai narrato dello sviluppo di una Nazione che hai avuto la fortuna di contribuire a far crescere e svilupparsi sin dalla sua nascita.

E'stato davvero interessante,come quando ci hai fatto visitare il Kibbutz, una esperienza che non dimenticheremo e di cui parleremo tantissimo ai nostri amici ed a coloro che vorranno visitare il tuo bellissimo paese. Vorrei inoltre esprimerti il mio particolare apprezzamento per il "tuo" Discorso della Montagna in quanto con poche semplice parole hai espresso dei concetti che mi hanno colpito perchè hanno spiegato benissimo come l'uomo, anche se non crede in una entità superiore, non può illudersi di essere al di sopra di tutto e pensare di poter regolare il mondo senza i principi della fratellanza e della solidarietà.

E poi, come si può non complimentarsi con una guida che riesce ad elevarti lo spirito con le cose serie, ma anche con le barzellette ? Sei stato veramente simpatico e le sto già raccontando a tutti i miei amici italiani.

Poi,come dicono gli inglesi "last but not least" dove la troviamo più una guida che ci chiede "posso cantare una canzone per voi ?". Eccezionale e da ora in poi ogni volta che con mia moglie canteremo durante un viaggio non potremo che pensare a te ! 

Grazie ancora di tutto questo e chissà che un giorno non ci rivedremo in Israele o in Italia, nella vita, mai dire mai.

Un abbraccio grande da me e mia moglie a te ed a tutta la tua famiglia !

Alberto ed Elda.

From: Patrick Williams
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 11:57 PM
Subject: Hello and thank you from Utah

Hello Eytan,

I'm sorry I'm so tardy in letting you know how much we enjoyed your tour .... and your company during our three days of touring with you inb October. After leaving you we were on the Celebrity Silhouette for another two plus weeks, but the highlight of our 23 days was seeing Israel with you.

There is so much to see and you made sure we saw everything we could possibly see in the time allotted. One of our favorites was seeing the kibbutz in which you grew up, something most tourist never would see. We thoroughly enjoyed our discussions and your view of current affairs, and of course your singing, though we weren't too good at accompanying you, as well as your jokes.

Anyone thinking of booking a private tour with you need not worry about your ability and knowledge, nor your integrity. I only wish I could remember all of the information you imparted to us. When we return to Israel someday you can be assured that we will be seeing you again.

Your friends in Utah,

Pat & Dori Williams and Phil & Pam Norton.

From: Dorina Munteanu
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 6:35 PM
To: Eytan Tel-Tsur
Subject: Re: grazie

Buona sera Eytan ,

Con grande ritardo ti scrivo per ringraziarti della tua piacevole e molto istruttiva compagnia nel nostro viaggio in Israele .
Spero di poterci incontrare per un altra visita speciale come questa appena finita .
Grazie e arrivederci .

Dorina e Giuseppe Baravalle

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 8:05 PM
Subject: Hello From NY Eleanor & Sandy

Dear Eytan,

Please forgive my delay in writing, upon our return to home, we were told that Sandy's Mother was hospitalized.

At first we, were a little skeptical about taking a tour in Israel. (There are plenty of tour books and do it yourself guides). But after Eleanor's researching and reading about your private tours, we decided to give you a shot, and after speaking with you, I was sure we made the right decision. I cannot say enough good things about your tour; and singing, not to mention your jokes, this is one the best tours we have ever experienced.

Eytan, I hope all this does not go directly to your head. You were motivating, uplifting and basically inspired us to sit back and "enjoy the ride". Upon meeting you at Hotel Carlton you were very well prepared to Wisk us away on a fun and educational journey. You related your own story and beliefs, as an Israeli. We were never once bored you were willing to go above and beyond any tour. We learned so much, without even knowing it. You kept our attention on both Jewish and Christianity, from beginning to end.

Your presentation exceeded our expectations. A few choice words come to mind: Phenomenal! Great! Motivating! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and perspective to give us such a fulfilling experience. We recommend anyone who is visiting Israel to take your tours, and use you as their guide! Absolutely Memorable and Meaningful! Our sincere thanks for an excellent tour of Israel, Great Falafel, and Hummus!

Best wishes for your continued success, we hope our paths cross again.


Eleanor & Sandy

Buongiorno !
Volevo ringraziarla ancora per la piacevole settimana trascorsa insieme in Israele.
Grazie per la sua simpatia e la sua professionalità : non avrei mai immaginato che avrei avuto una guida del suo calibro !
Sono rimasta piacevolmente stupita dalla quantità e qualità delle sue competenze che ad ogni tappa del viaggio ci hanno fornito una accurata, interessante e dettagliata descrizione.
Grazie anche per la sua pazienza : sono perfettamente consapevole che non è sempre facile sopportarci tutti e quattro insieme ...
Il tempo trascorso insieme è volato via senza che me ne accorgessi , e ieri mattina , scendendo nella hall dell'albergo, mi è sembrato strano non trovarla ad attenderci con il suo simpatico sorriso ...; per quanto mi riguarda , ho lasciato in Terra Santa anche per merito suo una parte del mio cuore . Conservero' un ricordo indimenticabile di questa terra accogliente ed impregnata di un'atmosfera davvero particolare ed emozionante !!!!
Sperando di ritrovarci insieme in un prossimo viaggio , Le porgo i miei migliori auguri per un meraviglioso 2011, pieno di gioie, salute e serenità.
Con molta cordialità

Anna Garbagnati

Dear Eytan,

We are Ayumi & Nomo from Japan.
Thank you very much for the guide and the many arrangements. We had a so wonderful time in Isreal, thanks to you and God.
We're sure God worked thru you in Isreal. Everything was perfect for us, I think..
I really appreciate that.

Are you still busy with your job? We hope you have an enough rest.

If our friends would go to Isreal, we'll introduce you as a joke-loving guide.
Wishing you and your family are all fine and happy.
Take care.

God bless you,
Yasuhiro & Ayumi Nomoto

Dear Eytan,

We all are back safe and sound in New York and have pretty much gotten back into the swing of a New York winter.
This is just a short thank you note for providing us with such a wonderful tour of your country. We were all very much impressed with both you and your
country. You are a wonderful representative of your country.
The trip was extremely moving to us all. We are still talking about it. I even went out and bought a copy of "A History of the Jews" by Paul Johnston
and have begun to read it.
Many heartfelt thanks for the wonderful time you afforded us.

David B. Chase


Fue un gran placer contar con su compañía como guía en estos días inolvidables. Nos alegramos que Ud fuera judío por tener un conocimiento mas profundo del país y su historia ancestral, a parte de ser un gran profesional. Nosotros somos cristianos, pero como dijo Ud muy bien Jesús era judío, heredero en definitiva de toda la historia tan poderosa de su pueblo bíblico y que nosotros hemos vivido desde siempre, ya desde niños, como parte de nuestra cultura mas intima.

Joan Valldeperas Combas

Dear Eytan:

Thanks you so much for the enjoyable and educational tour you gave us.
It was special experience my wife and I will never forget. Many guides could have shown us the sights.., you made them come alive.

Please fell free to use this letter as a recommendation. Also if someone would like a first hand recommendation feel free to give them my
e-mail address. Especially Christians who are seeking a deeper knowledge of Israel.


Gary M. Roberts, Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Savannah, Georgia


Thank you for such a wonderful tour. You did a great job and everyone was very happy.
It was good to get to know you and to see the love you have for your land and family. You are a special man.

We made it home without any problems. We are slowly getting rested, that kind of vacation takes its toll on the body.

God Bless You all.
Orville & Nancy Dennis
Tour Agent

From: Joachim Simon
To: Tel - Tsur
Subject: Gruesse aus Berlin
Date sent: , march 07, 2000 15:56

Hallo Eytan,

Nochmals Danke fuer deine hervorragende Betreuung. Erez Israel hat auf uns drei - nicht zuletzt durch deine Fuehrung - einen ueberwaeltigenden
Eindruck gemacht. Ich kann noch nicht genau sagen, worauf diese Wirkung beruht; das werde ich bei meinen naechsten Aufenthalten in Israel
jedenfalls eingehend untersuchen.

Gruesse von Hans, Michael, Joachim

From: Steve Dale
Subject: News from new Zealand
Date sent: Sunday, June 13, 08:26 1999

Hello Eytan

Greetings from those two Kiwis down at the bottom of the world !!!
You have no idea the pleasure we got when we discovered your web site on the net ! We could not believe it when we saw your
smiling face on the screen ! Many times we have wished we could have contacted you to express our grateful thanks for our tour.
We were quite sure we had not thanked you enough when we said goodbye. It was such a memorable ten days. Neither of us will ever forget it. Not a day has passed without some part of it remembered with pleasure, and talked about, especially the part you played in it.
We can NEVER thank you enough. We say thank you to our Guardian Angel for your being on that particular tour we decided on.

We hope all is going well with you and your family, Needless to say, you are remembered here every day, and we again send our very grateful and sincere thanks for that wonderful tour.
With every good wish, and many blessings

Shirley and Steven Dale.

Subject: Re: Tel - Tsur Tours Reference
Date sent: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 09:51:52 GMT+0200

Dear Mr. Greene,

With regards to your request, I would certainly recommend Eytanas guide. In October last year I joined a 6 day Trafalgar tour of 'The Best of Israel'. We were quite a large group of people of mixed ages and of Christian, Jewish and even Hindu religions. With regards of his overall knowledge of history and religion, there was no question he could not answer at length, and I feel sure, that given more time, he could have shared even more knowledge with us. His English (as one of several languages he speaks), is flawless. His reliability was excellent, and his sense of humor could be described as quiet and appropriate.

Our accommodation was always well sorted out, so the trip, though intensive, was enjoyable. Eytan was always available for a chat, but never imposed.

I hope this helps you, and that you have a wonderful time. Please give Eytan my regards.

Sue Glover

Hello Eytan,

We would like to Thank You for the wonderful insight you have given us about Israel. It gives me a better understanding of the people and the country. It was a short stay but very fruitful in information and history.

Best Regards,
Maria Nicolaysen
New York, July, 2004

Shalom Eytan

Greetings from the sunny island of Singapore. We just arrived home late last night after spending 1 night in Bangkok.

I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful tour guide to us. You amazed us with your knowledge on the history of Israel and the Jewish people. You took the patience to answer many of our questions especially from Yonatan. You did your best to accommodate to the changes that we made to the itinerary.

I must say that over the past 1 week in Israel, you were not just a tour guide to us but you have also become our friend. It's our Asian culture often to share food and you did exactly that when you dined with us. Thank you so much for making us feel at home. We really enjoyed your company and I trust that this is mutual. I hope on our next trip to Israel, we will be able to meet again.

Last but not least, thank you for helping me to buy the CD on Israeli folk songs. You know something? I wish I could hear you sing again especially the beautiful songs "Yerushalaim Shel Zhav" and "Ose Shalom". I really missed your singing and your jokes. It made me smile and laugh.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Todah Rabah!

Gladys Ester Soh , Singapore.
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I can not tell you enough how amazing our trip was and how much we appreciated your putting it together. Everyone of all ages had a great time and balancing 14 to 87 years old is not easy.

If you wish please put as much of the following into your website as you want.

This summer our family and our friend's family toured Israel with Eytan. This sounds simpler than it was. We were ten people, two 14 year olds, a 17 year old, our friends and ourselves and three grandmothers. Our group ranged from 14 to 87. The logistics of moving and organizing a group this diverse has to be experienced to be believed

Emailing back and forth, Eytan planned an eight day trip that took us from Tel Aviv, to the Golan Heights, to Tiberias, to Masada and the Dead Sea, to Eilat, and then to Jerusalem and along the way he was able to find activities and interests that worked for everyone--from our teenagers to my 87 year old mother.

Eytan could not have been more knowledgable about the sites and history of Israel and, of course, its current events. But most importantly, his attentiveness to everyone in our group could not have been more appreciated by all of us.

If you are considering a trip to Israel and are thinking about hiring Eytan, please feel free to email me or call for a recommendation.

Alan Robin
44 Fifth Ave
SF CA 94118
415 421 6500
July 2005

From: Dr.Michael Führer []
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 12:29 PM
To: ' Eytan Tel-tsur '
Subject: Grüße aus Deutschland

Lieber Eytan,

nachdem unsere Gruppe wieder gut in Deutschland angekommen ist, will ich unseren mündlichen Dan k noch einmal zur Sprache bringen: Sie haben uns in sehr schöner Weise das Land Israel neu ans Herz gelegt. Wir haben die gemeinsamen Tage genossen und sind froh über alles, was diese Tage mit sich brachten. – Ihnen wünschen wir auch fortan Gutes! In freundlicher Verbundenheit:

Ihr Michael Führer

From: Rita and Ed
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 7:40 PM
To: Eytan Tel-Tsur
Subject: Greetings from Moorestown , NJ -- USA


Did you think for a moment that we've already forgotten you? Not a chance. It's hard to believe that we've been home now for 2 weeks. Our wonderful trip seems like a distant dream. It's still clear in my mind the moment we first met you in of the Dan Carmel in Haifa .

Eytan, how do we thank you for the unforgettable journey you've taken us on through all of Israel ? I knew that I would love it, and was looking forward to each and every thing that we saw -- heard -- and did. But, what really made me happy is that Ed and Todd loved it too -- much more than they thought possible. Once their "safety concerns" were quelled, they were able to enjoy and take in all that Israel has to offer. We absolutely could not rate which city, what site, what experience we loved the most -- we simply loved everything!
However, we could certainly rate you as the best guide we could have had. Not only were you knowledgeable, you were kind and sensitive to our needs, you entertained us with your songs and jokes while driving through long stretches of dessert mountains, and you truly became a family friend traveling with us. We have some wonderful pictures (actually allot), but are not quite ready to send them to you. We will email the pictures in which you appear very soon (so that you too will remember us).

I hope that our 11 days together were not too much of a burden on you and Sarah, and please thank her for having shared you with us. It would have been nice to have had the chance to meet her as well. Perhaps on our next trip to Israel , we will visit Kfar Saba where we can meet you both for a cup of coffee (or tea, in your case). Also, should you have an opportunity to visit the New Jersey / Philadelphia area, please let us know so that we could try to get together here.

Our best regards to you and thank you once again so much for everything, including the CD which will always remind us of you.

Your friends,
Rita (Rivka), Ed, & Todd

I would like to convey my appreciation for the wonderful job Eytan did on our recent vacation in Israel (June/July 2006) I brought a group of 3 families to Israel for our vacation.
Our group consisted of 8 children, ages 7-11, their parents and grandparents.
Eytan spent 10 days with our group, showing us every border, every body of water, and every site imaginable! Eytan made Israel come alive for all of us, all the while trying to be attentive to everyone's needs.
I highly recommend Eytan and his services – he was a pleasure to deal with via e-mail, a gentleman the entire time we were with him, and a great resource the entire trip.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, but in summary, I'll probably say – "Do yourself a favor – Hire Eytan!"

Dr. Jeff Stein

Dear Mr Eytan Tel-Tsur,It has been a wonderful and great experience touring with you in Israel during our tour in the month of February [arranged through Astronautics CorporationCA]. It was indeed a truly personal gesture on your part as a friend and guide to show around the places including the Holiest of Holy places JERUSALEM. A big thank you to you for your time, concern and efforts.

We cherish this memory being with you during the time.
Sorry for such a late response, as I had misplaced your card.

With kind regards,

Dr M R Nayak
Head, ALD
NAL Kodihalli, Airport Rd;
Bangalore, India 560 017.
June, 6th, 2007

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